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        Pharmaceutical Equipments Pharmaceutical Instruments
Petroleum Oil Laboratory Equipments
Analytical Testing Instruments
Electronic Measuring Instruments
Engineering Colleges Apparatus Instruments
Paint Testing Instruments
Pharmaceutical Instruments
Rubber Testing Instruments
Soil Cement Concrete Testing Instruments
Thermostatic Controlled Instruments
Water Testing Instruments

1. Autoclave

3. Abbe Refractometer

5. Blood Cell Counter

7. Bacteriological Incubator

9. Dissolution Test App.

11. Fluorimeter

13. Hardness Tester

15. Jet Washing Machine

17. Liquid Filling Machine

19. Melting Point App.

21. Polarimeter

23. Serological Water Bath

25. Tablet De-Dusting Machine

27. Tablet Coating App.

29. V. D. R. L. Rotator

2. Antibiotic Zone Reader

4. Bulk Density App.

6. B.O.D. Incubator

8. Capsule Filling Machine

10. Disintegration Test App.

12. Friability Test App. / Fume Hood

14. Infrared Moisture Balance

16. Karl Fischer Titration App.

18. Laminar Flow Bench

20. Potentiometric Titration App.

22. Shaking Machine (Wrist action)

24. TLC Unit with U. V. Cabinet

26. Tablet Breaking Pressure App.

28. Tablet Counting Machine

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